Local police sharpen skills to help those in crisis

Sweeping police reform is going into effect on Sunday. Many common policing practices are going away including chokeholds, neck restraints and "no knock" warrants. With these changes comes more emphasis on crisis prevention.

Fresh Soul to reopen with a group of new kids gaining job skills

While some restaurants and businesses decided to stay open during the pandemic, others closed to take time off for the safety of staff and customers. Fresh Soul in Spokane closed, but used its down time to figure out how to make a program that helps kids even better.

FAA officials misled Congress about inspectors' training

The Federal Aviation Administration provided misleading statements to Congress about the training its inspectors received, including those that likely oversaw certification of the 737 Max, according to the findings of an Office of Special Counsel investigation.

What executives can learn from a horse

Executives can read about the principles of good leadership and team building. They can attend conferences or hire coaches. But spending an hour watching a horse whisperer bond with and gain the cooperation of a wild, 1,000-pound horse can bring home important leadership lessons in an immediate, profound way.

Lawmakers try to save DHS lab

Lawmakers are again attempting to keep a Department of Homeland Security laboratory that specializes in first-responder technology and assistance from shutting its doors.

Spokane Valley Police Air Support Unit and K9 Training

The Spokane Valley Police Department shared a few pictures from last Wednesday’s combined Air Support Unit (ASU) and K9 training. The day was spent with the members of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and Spokane Police Department’s K9 Units to familiarize the K9’s and the handlers with flying in a helicopter.