trade talks

Why Trump upended US-China trade talks

President Donald Trump emerged from a briefing at the end of last week convinced China was stalling after months of forward progress in trade negotiations. Frustrated, Trump sent shockwaves through global markets by threatening to hike tariffs, catching everyone off guard.

Trump welcomes Chinese trade negotiators amid border drama

It could be a make-or-break week for the delicate trade negotiations between the United States and China as they drift further beyond the ambitious 90-day clock set last year by the leaders of the world's two largest economic superpowers.

Top US, Chinese trade negotiators to face off at White House

President Donald Trump's top negotiators will press hard in this week's talks with their Chinese counterparts to close gaps on issues spanning everything from currency manipulation to halting Beijing's practice of forcing American companies to give up their technology in exchange for market access.

US, China wrap up latest trade talks as tariff deadline looms

President Donald Trump has said repeatedly that a final trade deal between the US and China will be negotiated directly between him and his counterpart Xi Jinping, but on Friday, he floated the idea of bringing two more people to the table: Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.