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Time magazine puts Christine Blasey Ford on the cover

Christine Blasey Ford is on the cover of this week's Time magazine. But it's not a photograph of Ford; it's an illustration of the words and phrases from her testimony arranged into a striking image of her taking an oath.

TIME magazine cover captures controversy of family separations

The Trump administration's policy that effectively separated families crossing the U.S. border has held up a big, glaring mirror to America's moral character. In TIME magazine's latest cover, the reflection is met with indifference in the face of human suffering.

Sound Off for May 10th: Does Time magazine's cover do a disservice to mothers?

Time magazine has a controversial cover on its latest issue.It features a mother who is still breastfeeding her 3 and 5 year old sons with the headline.... "Are you mom enough?"What do you think? Does the cover go too far?Do you think the headline does a disservice to moms everywhere?Instead of being constructive, does it foster judgment against mothers who don't choose attachment parenting?