Pumpkin custard pie

This will kick up your Thanksgiving dessert game a bit through the magic of caramelization.

Gas prices drop before holiday weekend

An estimated 43.5 million drivers will hit the road Thanksgiving weekend, and those drivers will be treated to the cheapest gas prices the nation has seen since 2008, according to AAA.

Ohio mom closes living room until Thanksgiving

One Ohio mom isn't just telling the kids to get out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving, she's closed off the living room to keep it clean until Thanksgiving.Her 17-year-old son tweeted a picture of the note his mother posted with…

Gravy for the soul

Gravy isn't some mystical concoction. It's a delicious way to make use of the drippings and goodies left over when you cook.

Black Friday hits Spokane

Thousands of people lined up at stores across the Inland Northwest before dawn Friday morning trying to muscle in on some of the best deals of the year.

North Idaho food bank in need

Hundreds of families in north Idaho might not get to celebrate Thanksgiving this year without some help from the community.