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Why Super Bowl ads still matter

In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, why are marketers still willing to throw down millions of dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl ad?

Report: Americans to bet $4.76B on Super Bowl

Americans are expected to wager $4.76 billion on Super Bowl LII, with the vast majority of those bets placed illegally, according to estimates from the American Gaming Association.

Super Bowl urban legends revealed

The Super Bowl has gathered its share of tall tales and urban legends throughout the years. Which ones are true, and which ones are as authentic as the tooth fairy?

Nutritional values for 10 tailgating items

Whether you are tailgating at the stadium or partying with friends at home, you are likely to enjoy some savory snacks during the game. Before you start grilling, take a look at the nutritional values for 10 popular tailgating food and beverage choices.