Do you know the signs of heat stroke?

As temperatures continue to rise, so do the risks of coming down with heat stroke or exhaustion. Heat related illness can lead to permanent damage, even death if untreated.

Spokane Public Schools to offer free summer meals for students starting June 17

With nearly 60 percent of Spokane Public Schools students on free or reduced meal plans, the summer can be a tough time to access balanced and nutritious meals. To support their students and any child in need, the district will once again begin its Summer Meal Program, starting June 17th and running through August 16th. will begin on June 17.

You're applying sunscreen wrong. Here's why

Sunscreen is an important tool in the fight against skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the country. And by making a few changes to the way we choose our sunscreen and apply it, we can better protect ourselves against ever facing the deadly disease.