student loans

States say DeVos hurting efforts to police student loan servicers

There's a fight brewing between states and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos over who has the power to police student loan servicing companies as consumer advocates question whether the federal government is doing enough to protect borrowers from shady practices.

Trump vows to 'fix' student loan debt

The Trump administration is floating several policy proposals to address student loan debt, as college affordability becomes a popular topic for Democrats on the 2020 campaign trail.

AG Ferguson provides tips and resources for those impacted by student loans

Attorney General Bob Ferguson released an updated Student Loan Survival Guide Wednesday, which provides tips and resources for those impacted by student loans, including high school students thinking about taking out student loans, former college students making repayments and parents who cosigned loans. 

Protesting Howard University students take over administration building

A group of Howard University students say they've taken control of the school's administration building and won't leave until their demands -- including the resignation of the university president -- are met. They are protesting after university workers were accused of "double-dipping" on financial aid.

These education tax breaks are at risk

As lawmakers attempt to reconcile the House and Senate tax bills before Christmas, they'll be forced to take a hard look at some higher education tax breaks.