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Sound Off for July 10th: Should prostitution be legalized?

Law enforcement officers raided eight suspected brothels in Spokane this afternoon.The businesses mostly operate as day spas and massage parlors, but are accused of being fronts for prostitution.Today's raids sparked a lot of debate on our Facebook page, with many people questioning why we don't just legalize prostitution and regulate the industry.Put in your two cents: Do you support the legalization and regulation of prostitution?Or are you dead set against it?

Sound Off for July 3rd: Should U.S. flags flown on government buildings be made in the U.S.A.?

Two U.S. lawmakers have introduced legislation that most Americans would assume is already in place.Apparently, U.S. flags flying on federal buildings don't have to be made in America.They can be up to 50 percent foreign made and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Rep. Bruce Bradley of Iowa want to change that.Their bill, the All-American Flag Act, passed the Senate last year, but the House never took up the measure and they're pushing for a vote.If passed, it would be a requirement that all U.S. flags be made in America.Do you agree with the legislation?Do you care where the U.S. flags are made?

Sound Off for June 27th: Do you feel safe in Downtown Spokane?

Downtown Spokane businesses are concerned about increased late-night violence.The violence and attacks are being blamed on a group of teens include the beating of a bar bouncer at Jimmy'z and two cooks from the Satellite Diner.Do you feel safe when you're downtown? Do you find yourself avoiding the area? Or do you feel completely at ease?

Sound Off for June 18th: Are these Adidas sneakers really racist?

Adidas has unveiled a new sneaker design.Sounds fairly innocuous, right?But these sneakers are kicking up a huge controversy.The JS Roundhouse Mids have been dubbed offensive by people who claim they are racist.But the company says the chains around the ankles have nothing to do with slavery.Adidas says the shoes were supposed to be quirky and lighthearted.Do you think the shoes are racist?Or do you feel people are making much ado about nothing?

Sound Off for June 1st: Should registered sex offenders be banned from social media sites?

A federal judge is considering the constitutionality of an Indiana law that bans registered sex offenders from social networking sites that can be used by children.The judge heard arguments Thursday in the challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana that the 2008 law violated sex offenders' free speech rights.How do you feel about it?Should registered sex offenders be banned from social networking sites like Facebook?Or does it violate their rights?

Sound Off for May 21st: Are you happy with the Otto Zehm settlement?

At its meeting today, the Spokane City Council will vote on a settlement in the civil suit against Spokane police filed by relatives of Otto Zehm, who was beaten to death at the hands of police in 2006.The settlement includes $1.67 million dollars, a letter of apology to the Zehm family, and improved police training.Are you pleased with the settlement? Are you happy this case is finally getting some closure?Do you feel the city is doing enough to make the situation right?

Sound Off for May 14th: Should college football be banned?

Should college football be banned in the U.S.?That's the debate going on right now in the sports world.A panel of experts squared off last week on the issue in New York.Among the panelists were journalists, ex-players and best selling author of Friday Night Lights, Buzz Bissinger.Critics question whether schools are exploiting student athletes and alarms about the risk of repeated head injuries are also being looked at.But supporters say the sport teaches life lessons and gives players a chance at a college degree they otherwise wouldn't get.Do you think college football should be banned?Or do you think it's something that will never happen?

Sound Off for May 10th: Does Time magazine's cover do a disservice to mothers?

Time magazine has a controversial cover on its latest issue.It features a mother who is still breastfeeding her 3 and 5 year old sons with the headline.... "Are you mom enough?"What do you think? Does the cover go too far?Do you think the headline does a disservice to moms everywhere?Instead of being constructive, does it foster judgment against mothers who don't choose attachment parenting?

Sound Off for May 8th: Are you feeling more comfortable about borrowing and being in debt?

The Federal Reserve says Americans are feeling more comfortable about debt.Americans used their credit cards more , borrowed to buy cars and took out more loans to attend school in March, driving the biggest one month increase in consumer borrowing in a decade.Are you feeling more comfortable about debt?Have you started spending more and borrowing more for things like cars and education?Or do you feel that the reason for the increase in spending is because Americans are running out of options?

Sound Off for May 7th: Have we taken the war on obesity too far?

Schools and PTA groups across the state of Massachusetts will soon see a huge bite taken out of the usual fundraising campaigns: bake sales.As of August 1st, a junk food ban will be put into place and that means bake sales will be illegal.Foods like white bread, 2 percent milk, pizza and what the state calls "competitive" foods will also be eliminated.The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Education says it's the only way to combat the obesity epidemic.Schools will have to find other fundraising techniques and many parents are upset.Do you think we're going too far in the obesity fight?Or do you feel it's the only way to get America slimmed down?

Sound Off for April 27th: Are you happy with our federal government?

More and more Americans are becoming disillusioned with our federal government.A new Pew survey reports only 1 in 3 Americans views the federal government in good light.That is the lowest level in 15 years.Are you happy with the federal government?Or disenchanted?Are you happy with our state and local government?

Sound Off for April 24th: Are you for or against the recall effort in Coeur d'Alene?

Two northern Idaho business organizations and the Coeur d'Alene Tribe say they oppose a recall effort against the mayor of Coeur d'Alene and three city council members because it will harm the city's image and hurt efforts to attract businesses.Do you feel this recall effort is over the top? Do you think it's hurting Coeur d'Alene's image?Or are you for recalling Coeur d'Alene's mayor and the council members?

Sound Off for April 19th: Did Komen's Planned Parenthood debacle change your mind on the race?

The annual Race for the Cure to fight breast cancer is Sunday in Spokane and registration for the race here has been down from last year, but donations are up.And across the country from Seattle to New York City, the Komen Foundation is seeing lower registration levels following January's Planned Parenthood funding debacle.Did the flap over Planned Parenthood make you decide to skip the race this year?Or do you plan to run or walk no matter what?Comment inside or e-mail us at

Sound Off for April 18th: Do you want Spokane to get tough on panhandlers?

A Spokane city councilman wants to get rid of panhandlers with tough new restrictions on where people can ask drivers for money.Mike Allen is taking a closer look at a Spokane Valley ordinance that has all but eliminated panhandling there.That law went into effect the summer of 2010.The valley ordinance bans panhandling 100 feet from intersections and freeway off-ramps.Now Allen wants to put the restrictions to work in places like Third and Division.He has asked the city attorney's office to review the Valley ordinance and hopes to present his proposal to his fellow council members within the next two months.Would you support this ordinance?Comment inside or e-mail us at