Smoke and heat can turn deadly, if you are not careful

Wildfires are continuing to burn around the region. Many woke up and looked out the window to find a blanket of smoke outside. That smoke is also paired with hot temperatures. That's what's making it so dangerous for the community, if you're not being careful.

Spokane wakes up to worst air quality in the country

Wildfire smoke once again blew into the region late Monday, causing Spokane to wake up to the worst air quality in the country Tuesday morning. It quickly receded, downgrading Spokane's air quality to 'moderate.'

Air quality levels put event plans in limbo

Spokane's summer of smoke has proven to be a nightmare for event planners across the region and one group of local volunteers were on edge last week, hoping their event wouldn't be the latest to be rescheduled or canceled. 

Sensitive groups to watch out for in smoky conditions

Air quality improved over the course of the day Monday, but it's still unhealthy for all of us and those in sensitive groups are getting the worst of it. Pregnant women, the elderly, those with breathing problems and even our pets are at risk.