NBA postpones Shanghai press event amid spat with China

The NBA has abruptly called off a hotly anticipated press event for the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers in Shanghai, the latest attempt to contain what is fast becoming a major crisis after a team official tweeted support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Sea levels may rise much faster than previously predicted

Global sea levels could rise more than two meters (6.6 feet) by the end of this century if emissions continue unchecked, swamping major cities such as New York and Shanghai and displacing up to 187 million people, a new study warns.

8 awe-inspiring spaces to see art in Shanghai

Shanghai's art scene has undergone a transformation in the past decade, with an explosion of new galleries, art fairs, cultural centers and creative spaces opening in the city. These venues, some of which are housed in disused factories and manufacturing plants, see contemporary art co-existing and interacting with the city's industrial past.

Grumbles, praise as Chinese get to grips with Xi's power trip

Even by China's standard, the annual session of the largely ceremonial parliament seems to be a much more choreographed affair this year -- with one thorny subject that almost none of the 3,000 legislators wants to broach in front of foreign media.