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Texas House passes 'Save Chick-fil-A' bill

The Texas House passed legislation on Tuesday that supporters say provides religious protections, but Democrats and critics argue would allow discrimination against the state's LGBTQ community.

Julián Castro expected to announce presidential bid

Former secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro officially announced his presidential bid in San Antonio on Saturday, beginning a campaign that will look to turn his uniquely American immigrant story into a direct repudiation of President Donald Trump.

The case of San Antonio's stolen shark is solved

What began with a quick grab-and-go theft Saturday at the San Antonio Aquarium -- the suspect leaving a trail of water drops as he hurried away with his dripping prize of a small but very much alive shark -- ended Monday with the safe return of "Miss Helen" to her tank at the aquarium.

San Antonio Zoo offers Toys 'R' Us mascot a job

America's inner child had its heart broken this past week when Toys 'R' Us permanently closed its remaining US stores. But Geoffrey the Giraffe, the retail chain's mascot, may not be leaving us for long.

11 reasons to visit San Antonio

The Battle of the Alamo may have spawned the state of Texas. But the city of San Antonio traces its roots a lot farther back -- to May 1, 1718 -- when Spanish padres and soldiers began construction of the fortified mission.

Baboons break out of a research center

Four baboons, having clearly read too much dystopian fiction, escaped a biomedical research lab in San Antonio by climbing a 55-gallon barrel and jumping out of their enclosure.