Ritzville community comes together for farmer with stage IV cancer

What started as a spot on his back in February has spread to his bones. Melanoma has staked its claim on Larry's skeletal system, cracking his ribs and hip, making the hard work that comes with harvest nearly impossible -- until his town rallied together to make sure the cancer didn't claim his land, too.

Made in the Northwest: Ole World Oils

Camelina isn't a crop you typically see in the fields of Lincoln County. Curt Greenwalt has been farming for a long time. And when his sons encouraged him to start growing camelina to make cooking oil, he originally said, "No.…

Suspect pleads guilty to I-90 murder

Washington's Attorney General confirmed Tuesday his office has obtained a guilty plea from a man charged with bludgeoning his girlfriend to death in front of their three-year-old son during a cross-country road trip that ended in Adams County.

Chicago man arrested in I-90 murder investigation

A Chicago couple and their three-year-old child ended up on a lonely stretch of I-90 Tuesday morning, where the woman was later found dead, the man was arrested for her murder and the child was taken into protective custody.