Trump officially launches 2020 reelection campaign

President Donald Trump formally launched his reelection campaign Tuesday night, rallying supporters with a speech that made clear he plans to run on the same formula that narrowly delivered him the presidency in 2016.

Trump aims to defy midterm campaign history

President Donald Trump is deepening his investment in the midterm elections, stepping up his travel across the country to raise money and rally Republicans in hopes of overcoming the tide of history by retaining control of Congress in the fall.

Va. congressman has second thoughts about retirement

Republican Rep. Tom Garrett, who represents the Charlottesville, Virginia, area, is planning to run for re-election after leaving his supporters and constituents in a bizarre, public state of limbo for more than 24 hours.

Who is Brad Parscale?

Donald Trump's ascent to the presidency brought with it a host of new household names. Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon -- to name just a few.