ISIS fighters may not go to Guantanamo Bay, Trump says

President Donald Trump Wednesday appeared to rule out sending the thousands of ISIS foreign fighters currently being detained by US allies in Syria to the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, saying that the ISIS detainees should be repatriated to their countries of origin.

Untrained employee guarded Epstein at time of his death

The suicide of Jeffrey Epstein is bringing attention to what employees say is a broader problem at short-staffed budget-constrained federal prisons where employees who aren't prison guards are doing guard duty and overtime shifts regularly.

Residents concerned over planned CRC in Kootenai County

The Idaho Department of Corrections wants a community re-entry center in Kootenai County. It's a place where people who are close to release from prison can go and get help for an easier transition back to freedom. The response has been mixed. 

No earplugs or outdoor exercise for El Chapo

A federal judge denied Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's request for better prison conditions Monday after federal officials claimed some of the drug lord's demands might be part of a ruse aimed at helping him escape.