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EU leaders offer Brexit delay until Halloween

The European Union has forced Britain to accept a six-month delay to the intractable Brexit process, with an option to leave earlier if the UK Parliament can agree a deal, at a tense summit of divided European leaders in Brussels.

Brexit delay will be short, Theresa May insists

British Prime Minister Theresa May executed a momentous climbdown in her Brexit strategy on Wednesday, requesting a three-month delay to Britain's departure from the EU and blaming lawmakers for the mess.

Prime Minister Modi backs Indian military

India is waiting for the release of a pilot who has been in Pakistani custody since he was shot down over Kashmir on Wednesday, a goodwill gesture which could defuse the gravest crisis in the disputed border region in years.

Pakistan's prime minister faces first big political test

During Pakistan's national election campaign last year, Imran Khan was dismissed by detractors as a political lightweight and foreign policy novice who relied on populism and deference to the country's influential military for support.

This princess could be Thailand's next prime minister

Thailand's king has strongly criticized his sister's announcement she will stand in elections next month -- an unprecedented move that could upend the political landscape and give the revered monarchy an overt role in politics.