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Lizzo is primed to end cancel culture

"Cancel culture" has jumped the shark.Deeming that people, usually celebrities, are canceled -- in other words, no longer worthy of society's investment in them -- has been a growing practice by online mobs as a means to attack someone for…

Omar appears to criticize Obama in latest swipe at Dem establishment

A new interview with Rep. Ilhan Omar in which she appears to criticize former President Barack Obama as insufficiently progressive is the latest example of the freshman congresswoman's penchant for taking on the Democratic Party establishment, though she later disputed the report's characterization of her remarks.

Trump claims Obama nearly launched war with North Korea

During a free-wheeling solo press conference that lasted more than an hour Wednesday, President Donald Trump again claimed that former President Barack Obama was close to starting a catastrophic conflict with North Korea, telling reporters that if he "wasn't elected, there would have been a war" as his predecessor was close to "pressing the trigger."