Pigs were spotted using tools for first time, new study says

Pigs aren't heralded for their intelligence, but swine are smarter than they seem. They're test subjects in studies that lead to life-saving discoveries. They're reliable and beloved therapy animals. Thirty to 50 of them took Twitter by storm earlier this year in an early bid for the year's best meme.

'30-50 feral hogs' take center stage in gun debate

Days after two devastating mass shootings revived the national conversation about gun control, a horde of feral hogs (briefly) ran away with it -- and exposed the chasm in the debate between rural and urban America.

They eat what? New Year's food traditions around the world

Americans who celebrate on New Year's Eve with a bottle of champagne, party hats and a kiss at midnight have an important lesson to learn from the rest of the world and even certain regions of the USA: New Year's Day is meant for food.

Pig hearts function in baboons, bringing us closer to use in humans

A new paper details how genetically modified pig hearts transplanted into baboons could support life and function for up to 195 days. The finding, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, takes scientists a small step closer to the possibility of using donor animal organs for human patients in need of a heart transplant.