Inside the complicated world of the travel influencer

Amy Seder isn't used to having the door slammed in her face. Her artfully posed Instagram posts of a glamorous life led in glamorous destinations has won her an army of online admirers that the travel industry is usually eager to embrace.

Photos reimagine Havana as pastel-colored dreamland

Two vintage cars sit outside a crumbling movie theater. A narrow street drips with sunlight, its pastel facades and peeling shutters set against a saturated sky. A stray dog saunters past a wall painted with the words, "En cada barrio revolución," a famous Cuban slogan translating as: "In every neighborhood, revolution."

Maisie Cousins' deliciously disturbing food photography

An in-your-face, super-saturated vernacular has quickly become 26-year-old photographer Maisie Cousins' calling card. Her zoomed-in constructed compositions of mostly flowers, food and the female body riff on the candy-coated, hyper-sexualized nature of much commercial photography but, on closer inspection, are far from the lifestyle porn they appear to be.

Hanoi's 'train street' becomes selfie central

Gone are the days when polite travelers would avoid walking in front of people so as not to get in their vacation snap -- now, it's all about not walking behind people to ruin their selfies.