numerica skate ribbon

Riverfront Park maintenance projects begin next week

SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you plan on visiting Riverfront Park in the near future, you might find a few new obstacles in your way. Despite the park planning to stay open for most activities, there will be some maintenance projects…

Take a spin on Spokane's skate ribbon starting next week

SPOKANE, Wash.-- 'Tis the season to go ice skating! Riverfront Park's Numerica Skate Ribbon will open for the winter season on November 23. Masks are required to skate, but reservations are not. Ice skaters can glide along a 650-foot-long pathway…

Spotlight Spokane: Riverfront Renovations

Spotlight Spokane has returned from a pandemic break, and since we've been gone, a whole lot of development has happened at Riverfront Park—from the all-inclusive Providence Playscape to the White Elephant being moved to the Looff Carrousel. So, we went and checked it out!

#happylife: The Spokane Youth Card is now available!

Last summer, the City of Spokane made visiting their swimming pools free for residents with Splash passes and saw attendance increase 61%. City leaders couldn't help but wonder, though, what about the kids that couldn't get there because mom and dad couldn't drive them?