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Seahawks add OL Kahlil McKenzie, Joey Hunt returns for another year

SEATTLE, Wash. - 16 offensive lineman just didn't seem like enough. On Monday, the Seahawks added former 2018 first-round draft pick Kahlil McKenzie, and center Joey Hunt signed his restricted free agent tender. Hunt's signature keeps him paid by…

Former Cougars hoping to hear names called in NFL Draft

One former Washington State University football player is almost certain to hear name called in the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft. And before the draft is completed on Saturday, a couple of other Cougars could be drafted as well.…

Ravens ask blind superfan battling cancer to announce draft pick

The lead-up to the NFL Draft is incredibly exciting for hundreds of players hoping for life-changing news and millions of fans praying that their team will snag the next Tom Brady or Julio Jones, but it's hard to imagine anyone looking forward to it more than 13-year-old Mo Gaba.

How NFL draft grew to all-out spectacle

They say everything is bigger in Texas. So it's fitting that the NFL draft, which has ballooned in recent years from an off-season process into a bona fide, fan-focused event, kicks off in Dallas on Thursday.