Meteor streaks through Midwest sky

A blazing meteor lit up the night sky in St. Louis, Missouri, and was caught on video by excited residents, security cameras and doorbell cams.

4 hurt in a St. Louis shooting

Four people were shot and injured while attending "a large planned event with several hundred people in an open field," in St. Louis late Saturday night, police said.

Planned Parenthood opens massive Illinois clinic

As Missouri teeters on the brink of becoming the first state with no abortion clinics, a new Planned Parenthood center just across the Illinois border could help take patients who can't get abortions back home.

St. Louis honors young homicide victims

Rasheed Thompson rewarded his 8-year-old daughter's good behavior by letting her to go to a Friday night high school football game in St. Louis. She was killed when shooting broke out.

St. Louis: 9 kids shot dead since April

The fatal shootings of two children, 8 and 15, over the weekend in St. Louis were the latest casualties in what has been a deadly summer for young people, police said.