medical research

Drugmaker to seek FDA approval for Alzheimer's treatment

In an unexpected reversal, pharmaceutical giant Biogen said it will pursue US Food and Drug Administration approval for aducanumab, an experimental treatment for early Alzheimer's disease, Biogen and its Japanese partner Eisai announced on Tuesday.

Supplements probably aren't helping your heart, research suggests

More than half of adults report using dietary supplements, but new research suggests that most vitamins and minerals don't do anything for heart health. Some products, according to a review of hundreds of existing studies, may even increase the risk of stroke.

Mini-brains grown from stem cells show ‘complex' neural activity

Floating disembodied conscious brains that issue commands to luckless human minions may be a cliché of science fiction, but they are a far cry from the primitive, lab-grown "cerebral organoids" that real scientists study today. New research suggests that contemporary mini-brains -- even if inferior to their fictional counterparts -- are still capable of a surprise or two.

Trump administration limits research using fetal tissue

The US Department of Health and Human Services said Wednesday it will not renew a fetal tissue research contract with the University of California, San Francisco that expired today. The decision concludes a review of research using tissue from aborted fetuses.

Study finds statins can benefit all ages

A new analysis of clinical trials reverses current thinking on giving statins to most people over 75, finding that the cholesterol-lowering drugs benefit all ages with minimal risk.

Infections from unapproved stem cell products hospitalize 12

Twelve people in three states developed infections and were hospitalized after they got infusions or injections of stem cell products derived from umbilical cord blood that were contaminated with bacteria, according to a report published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.