Medicaid expansion repeal effort in Idaho fails

Two pieces of legislation to repeal a voter-approved law expanding Medicaid in Idaho have failed.The House Health and Welfare Committee on Thursday voted 7-5 to return to the sponsors both efforts. The first was an outright repeal of the expansion…

Changes coming for Spokane Medicaid clients in 2019

Healthcare for your body and mind - together and easier. Beginning January 1, Washington State Health Care Authority said its Medicaid clients will have a new way to get the care they need in our area. The approach is designed to have a single health plan for people to get the help for their physical problems, and also mental health and drug treatment.

Lawsuit filed over Idaho Medicaid expansion

A conservative group is asking the Idaho Supreme Court to overturn the voter-approved expansion of Medicaid coverage to potentially more than 60,000 low-income adults across the state. 

Idaho's Prop 2 passes with 62% voter approval

Idaho's Proposition 2, the initiative that calls for Medicaid expansion got a lot of support on election night. As of Wednesday night, it's got about 62% of the vote. That 'yes' vote should mean Medicaid coverage for an extra  62,000 Idaho residents.