Rescued pig on road to recovery

When Maybelle the pot-bellied pig was rescued, she weighed 196 pounds. She is so overweight, she's immobile and can't see due to a roll of fat covering her eyes. 

Michelle Carter trial: Boyfriend researched ways to commit suicide

Conrad Roy III's online searches in the weeks before taking his life included articles with titles such as "Painless suicide -- A complete guide to suicide," and "Quick, easy ways to commit suicide," according to a defense witness at his girlfriend's Massachusetts trial on involuntary manslaughter charges.

Carter trial: Texts grew darker days before suicide

Michelle Carter's text messages became increasingly dark in the days preceding her boyfriend's suicide, including talk of the most effective methods and her apparent doubt and frustration about whether he was up to the task.

Harvard students launch course on resisting 'the Trump agenda'

On Wednesday, students at Harvard start the first day of Resistance School -- a 4-week course in anti-Trump activism created by progressive students at the university's Kennedy School of Government. The course is open to people across the country and the world.