5 great places to visit in July

School's out and the heat's on in July. This is peak travel season in the USA, much of Europe and a lot of the Northern Hemisphere.

Lawsuit: Harvard ranks Asian-Americans lower on personality traits

A group that claims Harvard puts quotas on Asian-American applicants contends the university scores them higher than students of other races on academics and extracurricular activities but ranks them lowest in a "personal" category covering such traits as likability and "attractive to be with."

Look back at Boston Marathon bombing

The 2018 Boston Marathon kicks off Monday morning. Five years ago a bomb went that killed three people and injured more than 200. Here's a look back at April 15, 2013.

Alaska Airlines jet hits de-icing truck in Boston

A plane heading to Portland, Oregon accidentally collided with a parked de-icing truck on the taxiway at Logan International Airport Monday afternoon before takeoff, the Massachusetts Port Authority said.