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Emails show Miller targeted Rubio, had editorial sway at Breitbart

Stephen Miller, the controversial senior White House policy adviser with hardline immigration views, coordinated with editors at far-right news site Breitbart to shape its immigration coverage, pushing criticism of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's immigration policies, and otherwise directing editorial coverage, newly released emails from 2015 show.

Russian accounts pushed fake Rubio tweet

A network of suspected Russian accounts promoted a fake tweet purportedly sent by Sen. Marco Rubio claiming that a purported British spy agency planned to derail the campaigns of Republican candidates in last November's midterm elections, research from the think tank Atlantic Council shows. The false claim was later repeated by RT, the Russian state-backed media network.

Rubio: Saudi prince has gone 'full gangster'

Retired Gen. John Abizaid's nomination hearing Wednesday to be the Trump administration's first ambassador to Saudi Arabia became a bipartisan rant about the kingdom's "gangster"-like abuses, its regional disruptions under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the potential impact on US national security interests.

Rubio on Kahsoggi's killing: 'We don't need direct evidence'

Sen. Marco Rubio pushed back against Trump administration claims that there's no direct link between the Saudi crown prince and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying that "there is no way" Mohammed bin Salman wasn't aware of the killing and that he very likely ordered it.

Rubio on Khashoggi: If Trump doesn't do something, 'Congress will'

Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin should not attend an upcoming investment conference in Saudi Arabia amid an ongoing investigation into the country's possible involvement in the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who went missing earlier this month in Turkey.

Rubio introduces paid family leave bill

Sen. Marco Rubio plans to introduce a bill Thursday that would allow new parents to finance their paid leave by drawing from their Social Security benefits early.

Rubio: Trump should be 'clear-eyed' about who Putin is

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that he supports President Donald Trump interacting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but said Trump should be aware of Putin's human rights record and zero-sum approach to the U.S.-Russia relationship.

Silent protests make bold statements at Parkland graduation

Silver and burgundy are the official colors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. But members of the school community used the color orange and other symbols to make statements without raising their voices at Sunday's graduation.

Marco Rubio goes off-script on GOP tax plan

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's office on Tuesday stood by the senator's statement that there's no evidence that the GOP tax plan's lowered corporate tax rate has significantly helped American workers -- a key selling point of the massive legislation.

Flake: Hope GOP colleagues stand up for Mueller

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, a chief GOP critic of President Donald Trump, said Sunday he expects pushback from his colleagues over Trump's increased attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller.

Both Florida senators support furthering gun laws

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said Wednesday that they're introducing legislation that would encourage states to adopt so-called "red flag" gun laws, which allow people to file gun restraining orders to remove firearms from potentially violent individuals.

5 things Congress could do on guns

The issue of gun control always comes up in Congress after a mass shooting in the US -- but there haven't been any major gun reform laws in more than two decades.