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Officer buys tank of gas for elderly widow, goes viral

Seventy-five-year-old Delores Marotta used her cane to hobble into a metro Detroit gas station. She asked the attendant to put $3 on pump number three. A St. Clair Shores, Michigan, police officer overheard her request and surprised her by adding an extra 20 bucks of gas to her tank.

Trump orders US to strip $200 million in aid from Palestinians

Following a review of US assistance to the Palestinian Authority, President Donald Trump has directed the State Department to withdraw $200 million in aid that was originally planned for programs in the West Bank and Gaza, a senior State Department official said on Friday.

Draft of reforms for Chicago police unveiled

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday announced a draft consent decree that will be part of federal court oversight of sweeping reforms to the city's troubled police department.

Grant County K-9 teams looking for places to train

The Grant County K-9 teams constantly train. They have to be ready for any type of terrain, indoors or outdoors. To do that, they sometimes ask the public to 'borrow' their homes or businesses. Which in this most recent case was the Century Link building. 

Gun used in veteran's suicide among those confiscated, sold

After a 24-year-old Army veteran killed himself in 2014 using a gun previously confiscated by the Washington State Patrol, his mother told a police detective her son had spent time in a military prison, so he wasn't supposed to have a weapon. 

Bitcoin is too hot for criminals

Bitcoin is becoming too hot for criminals so they're switching to more obscure cryptocurrencies such as monero, according to European law enforcement officials.