labour party

8th Labour MP resigns from party

Another British member of parliament has quit the opposition Labour Party, in the wake of seven lawmakers splitting to form the Independent Group in Parliament earlier this week.

UK companies will have to explain CEO pay

Britain's largest companies will have to explain the gap between what they pay their CEOs and their employees under draft legislation presented to lawmakers on Monday.

Winners and losers from the UK election

Don't just look at the results from Britain's polls that had Theresa May's Conservatives coming in at number one ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour -- the real winners and losers are far more interesting.

'I applaud Corbyn': Bernie Sanders praises so-called UK alter-ego

At the first event on his whirlwind speaking tour of the UK Thursday, Bernie Sanders had nothing but praise for Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the UK's Labour Party, which is currently experiencing a surge in support ahead of next week's general election.