korean peninsula

Trump asks Pompeo to delay North Korea trip

Citing insufficient progress on the issue of denuclearization, President Donald Trump nixed plans for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to make what would have been his fourth visit to North Korea Friday, canceling next week's trip just one day after it was announced by Pompeo.

Bolton says there's a 1-year plan for North Korea to denuclearize

White House national security adviser John Bolton offered up new details on Sunday about the path toward the nuclear disarmament of North Korea and addressed a recent Washington Post report suggesting that the country plans to deceive the United States about its nuclear stockpile.

Trump hails breakthrough at Korea summit, praises Xi

President Donald Trump hailed the historic announcement made at Friday's Korea summit, which declared an intention to end longstanding hostilities between the two countries and singled out Chinese President Xi Jinping for praise.

North Korea's Olympics delegation leaves thorny questions behind

North Korea's delegation to the Winter Olympics returned to Pyongyang on Sunday, ending a three-day visit that amounted to a remarkable diplomatic breakthrough for the South Korean government but left big questions about whether it could lead to a solution to the decades-long military standoff between the two nations.

Unified Korean ice hockey team proves that 'winning isn't everything'

Rarely does sport become secondary on one of the grandest sporting stages of all. Seldom is history made without a medal won or a record broken. But on the Winter Olympics' first day came a match without compare -- not that anyone will remember the score or what happened on the ice.

Why the White House has two press teams

A second, inner White House press team? How North Korea is on President Trump's agenda this week. And why we shouldn't underestimate the influence of the retired Harry Reid.

Two US aircraft carriers to train in Sea of Japan

Two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers are expected to begin training together as soon as Wednesday in the Sea of Japan in what U.S. military officials say may be interpreted by North Korea as a signal of a more aggressive U.S. military posture.