Uncertainty looms as Italy votes

One of Europe's most critical elections of the year is underway, with Italians voting in a divisive parliamentary election that is likely to push the country into a state of political paralysis with no outright winner in sight.

Italian town sells $1 homes

Ever dreamed of owning a home in a pretty Italian village? The news you've been waiting for has finally arrived.

The Italian hilltop village fighting to keep its migrants

The residents of a sleepy, hilltop town in southern Italy have been protesting about migrants. More than 150 people in Ripabottoni -- an isolated community of 504 people -- signed a petition to halt the closure of their village's migrant hosting center, while other locals held a rally to stop it from closing, despite rising anti-migrant sentiment in other parts of the country.

Italy's referendum: A nightmare scenario in the heart of Europe

First there was Brexit, then Donald Trump. Will Italy deliver the next shock to the political establishment?Italians will vote Sunday in a crucial referendum that could -- in one nightmare scenario -- force the prime minister's resignation, spark a banking…