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Airbnb wants to replace hotels at the Olympics

Airbnb and the International Olympic Committee announced a new partnership Monday that will expand the availability of housing in host cities and could reel in the ballooning costs of hosting the sport spectacle.

Goodyear lists its iconic blimp on Airbnb

Many sports-loving Americans can say they've spotted one of Goodyear's famous blimps hovering overhead at a football game. Far fewer can say they've spent the night inside one.

Airbnb plans to go public in 2020

Uber and Lyft are each trading well below their IPO prices. Slack's stock took a beating after its first earnings report as a public company earlier this month. And WeWork is struggling just

Real-life 'Downton Abbey' being listed on Airbnb

Highclere Castle, the British stately home better known to millions as Downton Abbey, is now listed on Airbnb. But don't start packing your evening wear just yet -- only two guests will get to experience the home, and there will be plenty of competition.