How Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time' traveled back to 1969 LA

For Quentin Tarantino, time travel is entirely possible. And it didn't take green screens or computer generated backdrops to make it back to 1969-era Los Angeles. All it required were fond, vivid memories of the time, an exhausting attention to period detail and a production designer like Barbara Ling.

14 Hollywood stars who started acting on telenovelas

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara began her acting career in 1995 on the telenovela "Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma." Here are 13 other stars you might recognize from TV and films who also started on Latin America soap operas.

Most 'grizzled' actors working today

Veteran actor-director Clint Eastwood has had a spectacular career playing rough and tumble characters. He's one of many actors of a "certain age" who have continued to be successful by playing tough guy roles. Entertainment website ranker.com takes a look at the most "grizzled" actors still working today.

'Rush Hour 4' may be in the works

Chris Tucker took to social media over the weekend to wish his longtime pal and "Rush Hour" co-star Jackie Chan a happy birthday, but it was what they did in the photo that has people talking.

Apple to join tech wave sweeping over Hollywood

The history of Hollywood has been punctuated by infusions of new money and players looking to get into show business. Yet the latest wave of tech giants muscling in on the content game invites new questions about how studios will adapt -- and whether the new blood reflects a boon to them or an existential threat.