Murder suspect shot by police was convicted felon

The person of interest in the killing of a woman at a North Spokane residence was a felon with multiple convictions for assault, burglary, robbery, a drive-by shooting and escaping custody while on a court-approved furlough to get married.

Westboro plans to picket Speaker Foley's memorial

They've targeted everyone from country singer Vince Gill to military funerals, Taylor Swift to Katy Perry's "Roar." Now the Westboro Baptist Church has turned their hatred against former House Speaker Tom Foley.

Freshmen start moving onto Gonzaga campus

There's nothing quite like your freshman year at college, figuring things out in all the chaos is challenging and that's just what a group of incoming freshmen did at Gonzaga University Friday.

CHAS reopens renovated Maple Street Clinic

This week is National Health Center Week and Spokane residents certainly have a reason to celebrate as the Community Health Association of Spokane reopened its Maple Street Clinic Thursday after a big renovation process that will improve how they serve our community.