gun laws

Adams County Sheriff says he will not enforce new gun laws

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner said he won't be enforcing a new gun law which calls for strict requirements on the ownership and sales of semi-automatic rifles. He said in the post that I-1639 "violates the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States."

Gun owners required to lock up guns under new Seattle law

SEATTLE (AP) - The Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to pass legislation proposed by Mayor Jenny Durkan to require gun owners to lock up their firearms.The Seattle Times reports starting 180 days after Durkan signs the legislation passed Monday, it will be a civil infraction to store a gun without the firearm being secured in a locked container.

The Parkland kids keep checking their privilege

Ahead of the March for our Lives rally, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg said the media's biggest mistake while covering the school's shooting was "not giving black students a voice."