full moon

Sunshine and then afternoon winds for Monday - Mark

Sunshine with morning haze and then gusty afternoon winds, mid-70s expected. Cooler Tuesday and calmer with overnight lows hanging in the 40s. The rest of the week will be mid-70s and Mostly Sunny, Great Fall week.

Perseid meteor shower could be a dud this year

SPOKANE, Wash.-- The Perseids are one of the most active and most-anticipated meteor showers every year. This year though, it might not be as spectacular of a show. At their peak, which is the morning of August 12 to the…

Sunshine and Warmer This Weekend - Mark

High pressure builds with sunny and mild conditions. Today and Saturday. Sunday warms with a front crossing over in the evening. Gusty winds and scattered showers come with it. Cooler with winds on Monday. Calmer next week and slowly warming.