New Balance turns on Trump over China tariffs

American sneaker company New Balance welcomed President Donald Trump's tough trade stance in 2016 -- but now the athletic footwear manufacturer is strongly opposing the President's latest threat to expand tariffs on China.

Made in the Northwest: Hoffman Boots

It's a fourth generation, family owned business that's been protecting people's feet for over 45 years. Hoffman Boots in Kellogg, ID was founded in 1973.Derek Deis paid a visit to the Silver Valley for our latest edition of Made in the Northwest.

Crocs releases shoe with little fanny packs

Crocs know they're ugly, as much as any shoe can know anything. If any shoe were to ever achieve reflexive self-consciousness, it would be a Croc, so that it could marvel in the true depths of its own ... individuality.

Nike not worried about China

Signs that the world economy is starting to weaken have alarmed investors. Some global companies have warned of a slowdown in China. But things are looking good for Nike.