Indoor mobile garden helps Rockwood senior residents blossom

Being stuck inside, especially during the winter, can give us some cabin fever - itching to do something outside rather than sit inside our homes. During this time of year, it could be especially hard for seniors living in community homes, but one program brings the outside in.

Supreme Court considering taking same-sex wedding flowers case

Fresh from siding with a baker who declined to make a cake to celebrate the wedding of a same-sex couple, the Supreme Court met behind closed doors on Thursday to consider a similar case concerning a florist in Washington state who declined to make a floral arrangement for a customer's same-sex wedding.

What do those roses really mean?

Part of your plan for a perfect Wedding Day includes a bouquet of roses -- but what color sends the right message? And are roses even the best choice?

Plan an easy landscape project

As leaves begin to bud on trees across the country and temperatures finally start to climb, landscaping can become a great weekend project.