fbi raid

Judge OKs Cohen's request for review of documents seized in raid

A US judge said President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen could review materials seized when the FBI raided his home, office and hotel room last week for any communications with the President, but held off on deciding how prosecutors will ultimately be able to use the evidence.

FBI sought Trump-Cohen communications on 'Access Hollywood'

FBI agents who raided the home, office and hotel of Donald Trump's personal lawyer sought communications that Trump had with attorney Michael Cohen and others regarding the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape that captured Trump making lewd remarks about women that surfaced a month before the election, according to sources familiar with the matter.

ABC Special: "Truth and Lies: Waco"

The ABC documentary “Truth and Lies" has new details and interviews with FBI and ATF agents about the tactics they used during the Branch Davidian standoff and a look at what life was like inside the compound.