Beards making comeback in politics

Politics tends to be the realm of the clean shaven, but as America has grown more lax about facial hair, scruff has become more acceptable in Washington too.

$1.5-million perfume set for exclusive show

The world's most expensive fragrance is heading to the United States. But anyone hoping to smell the $1.5 million luxury scent will need an invitation to an exclusive private art tour.

London Fashion Week: Sex in the age of #MeToo

Once considered the least important city in the quartet of fashion capitals, London Fashion Week has transformed from a fledgling week of lesser-known designers and commercial brands into a lineup of big names, promising young designers and buzzy parties.

Melania Trump's jacket: ‘I really don't care. Do U?'

First lady Melania Trump took a trip to the US-Mexico border on Thursday to tour an immigrant children's shelter, but her trip is getting attention not only for her action, but also for her wardrobe choice before and after the journey.

Celebrities pay tribute to Kate Spade

Celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham and Olivia Munn are among those who have paid tribute to designer Kate Spade, who died Tuesday. She was 55.