The 41st annual Cherry Pickers Trot returns Thursday at Green Bluff

Cherry season up at Green Bluff has become synonymous with their annual event, the Cherry Pickers Trot! Towards the end of each cherry season, growers come together to host a celebration of the beloved fruit. There's everything from a 4-mile run through the orchards, a pit spitting competiton, pies and cherry-packed goods galore and a fun, smaller-scale version of the race for the kids!

New Year's Eve Events

The end of 2018 is here and the beginning of 2019 is just hours away and while New York likes to be America's official New Year's party headquarters, there are plenty of events right here in the Inland Northwest.

Cd'A Fourth of July events

Evidence of Wednesday's looming celebration was all over downtown Coeur D'Alene Tuesday. An estimated 20,000 people will line the streets for the annual parade - and the chamber of commerce is quick to spread the credit.