Archeologists unearth lost town in Ethiopia

Archeologists have unearthed the remains of a town from an influential but little-known ancient civilization in East Africa that sheds light on the origins of Christianity in Ethiopia.

Pilots criticize Boeing's 737 Max design at House hearing

Debate over the factors that may have contributed to two 737 Max plane crashes consumed a House hearing Wednesday, as two pilots criticized Boeing's design and rollout of the aircraft and some lawmakers questioned the qualifications of the foreign pilots involved in the crashes.

Adopted Colbert teens learn shocking news

Two Colbert siblings adopted from Ethiopia 13 years ago grew up believing their biological mother had died. Just recently, their adoptive parents got a surprising message on Facebook.

Legacy of lunacy haunts Kenya's old railway

In 1903, British colonial administrator Sir Charles Norton Edgecumbe Eliot made a bold statement: "It is not uncommon for a country to create a railway, but it is uncommon for a railway to create a country."

Report: Pilots in doomed plane followed emergency steps

Pilots of an airliner that crashed last month in Ethiopia initially followed Boeing's emergency steps for dealing with a sudden downturn of the nose of their plane but could not regain control, according to a published report.

Lawsuit filed against Boeing over crash in Ethiopia

A representative of a passenger killed in this month's Ethiopian Airlines crash is suing Boeing, claiming that a flight-control system on the plane was defective and Boeing failed to warn the airline about it.