First ever drone delivery of donated kidney ends with successful transplant

For the first time, a drone delivered a donated kidney that was then successfully transplanted into a patient, University of Maryland Medical Center said last week. Unmanned aircraft delivery could soon become the fastest, safest and least expensive method for beating the organ transplant clock, the drone developers say.

French convict helped to freedom by drones

The gang that helped free one of France's most notorious criminals from prison used drones for reconnaissance as part of preparation for the jail break, the country's justice minister said Monday.

Drones keeping Spokane firefighters safe

If you don't already own one, you've probably seen them flying around. Drones have soared in popularity among photographers, even news stations, and more recently, the Spokane Fire Department has found another use for them.

1 small delivery for a man, 1 giant leap for Amazon, drones

ATLANTA (AP) — Drone delivery has begun.On Dec. 7, a bag of popcorn, along with an Amazon Fire TV stick, left a Cambridge warehouse in the U.K. and 13 minutes later, both were accepted by an Amazon customer, one of two who had agreed to be part of the test program.A video posted by Amazon shows a fully autonomous drone, no humans involved, taking off from the warehouse and flying over fields to deposit the package just outside the customer's home.