FNSE 9.7.18 PART 2

It was referee night for week two of the 2018 high school football season! The KXLY4 Sports team recaps all the highlights from all over the Spokane area.

Davenport's "Subway Club" discuses Angel Springs Fire

The smell of smoke and haze was undeniable in downtown Davenport Monday morning as the public eagerly awaited for more information on the nearby Angel Springs Fire. With all that uncertainty - one thing you could count on was the weekday 9 a.m. meeting at Subway.

Davenport Hotel re-creating original Titanic menu

While the Titanic exhibit is underway at the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture, the Historic Davenport Hotel and its Palm Court Grill are offering a special sample menu replicating the First Class dinner menu created for the Titanic's maiden voyage.