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Made in the Northwest: Tedder Industries

It's one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturers of gun holsters in the United States. Thomas Tedder didn't fully dive into making concealed carry holsters until 2012. And after just a few short years, even he can't believe how…

Florida revokes 291 concealed weapons permits

Florida revoked almost 300 concealed weapons permits after discovering that a state employee failed to review criminal background checks on applicants because she couldn't log into the system, according to a report by state officials.

Here's what the Senate gun bill says

Following the shooting in Parkland, Florida, the White House said President Donald Trump "is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system" for gun purchases.

Law enforcement fights concealed-carry gun bill

As lawmakers in the House advanced out of committee a bill Wednesday that would ease interstate travel for gun owners with permitted concealed weapons, a group of law enforcement leaders gathered with congressmen from both parties to slam the legislation as something that would "jeopardize public safety across America."