Llama has dental surgery to get at root cause of past escape

DENVER (AP) - A pack llama that absconded because of an abscess during a Yellowstone National Park guided trip last year underwent a four-hour operation to remove the malignant molars. The Colorado Sun reports that Ike the runaway llama traveled…

Document reveals how BLM will spread offices across country

An internal draft document reviewed by CNN reveals how individual offices within the Bureau of Land Management will be spread out across states and time zones under the agency's proposed reorganization plan, putting federal workers who once worked together in Washington thousands of miles apart.

'Red flag' gun laws have caused backlash

In the wake of recent mass shootings, President Donald Trump has called for "red flag" laws, which would temporarily prevent individuals in crisis from accessing firearms through a court order.

Appeals court says Colorado elector didn't have to vote for Clinton

A federal appeals court has found it was unconstitutional for Colorado to block an elector from voting for a candidate other than the winner of the state's popular vote in 2016, which was Hillary Clinton, in a ruling that likely tees up more major court action about the Electoral College in advance of the 2020 presidential election.