building renovation

Empire State Building's view of NYC just got even better

The 4 million annual visitors to the Empire State Building will now be treated to an even more spectacular view of New York City -- a 360-degree expanse revealing the Hudson and the East rivers, the World Trade Center and Chrysler Building, Central Park and more.

'A Very Brady Renovation' turns house into TV home

Thanks to the magic of television, a charming but otherwise innocuous house in Studio City, CA, took on iconic status as the fabled residence where Mike and Carol Brady raised their mixed family brood over the course of five seasons (and many on-air reunions) of "The Brady Bunch."

'The Brady Bunch,' 'BH90210' test limits of nostalgia

Testing the limits of nostalgia on parallel tracks, "BH90210" -- heading into the home stretch of its summer run on Fox -- has managed to make a breezy artifact of the 1990s feel kind of sad, while "A Very Brady Renovation," which premieres this week, takes a '70s staple and makes it sort of, well, creepy.