No deal Brexit rejected by British lawmakers

British lawmakers have decisively rejected a no-deal Brexit, inflicting another heavy defeat on Britain's embattled Prime Minister and paving the way for the UK's departure from the EU to be delayed.

Queen Elizabeth unveils plaque with secret message

To mark the centenary of British intelligence agency GCHQ, Queen Elizabeth II visited the original London headquarters to unveil a coded plaque. On a tour of Watergate House, where the agency was first established in 1919, the Queen also met former wartime codebreakers.

Ross from 'Friends' lookalike caught in UK robbery

It hadn't been their week, or even their month, but English police finally got some luck in their pursuit of a Ross from "Friends" lookalike -- and they were quick to thank actor David Schwimmer for his help.

How the UK plans to help its citizens live 5 years longer

People will need to take greater responsibility for their own health -- staying active, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol, sugar and fat -- to protect their health, the UK's Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said Monday as part of the government's "new 21st century focus on prevention."