blood moon

Get ready for a blood-red lunar eclipse Sunday night

SPOKANE, Wash.-- Attention all skywatchers! A total lunar eclipse will rise into the skies of the Inland Northwest on Sunday evening, May 15th. This is the first of two lunar eclipses we'll be able to see this year. A lunar…

Why it will be hard to see tonight's lunar eclipse

SPOKANE, Wash.-- A partial lunar eclipse happens tonight and will be visible on Thursday night across North America. At three hours, 23 minutes, and 23 seconds long, it will be the longest partial lunar eclipse since the year 1440 according…

Fake 'supermoon' video racks up 16M views on Facebook

A Facebook Live video purportedly showing a live view of a "supermoon" over Greece but which in fact was a still image with wind sounds added was viewed more than 16 million times over four hours on Wednesday, apparently going undetected by the company even as some commenters pointed out that something fishy was going on.