Russian-connected law firm involved in mystery Mueller case

The defendant in the mystery grand jury subpoena challenge related to the Mueller investigation is being represented by the law firm Alston & Bird, a firm that has previously represented Russian entities, a lawyer working to unseal the case confirmed Wednesday.

'Bird Box' boast could open Pandora's box for Netflix

It's nothing new for a network to publicize its successes. But when you've flouted TV conventions, as Netflix long has, suddenly crowing about ratings -- as the streaming service did with "Bird Box," the apocalyptic movie starring Sandra Bullock -- has risked opening Pandora's box.

Dinosaur's 'hands' offer clues to evolution of modern bird wings

It has taken more than 20 years to extract, assemble and interpret a mysterious find from a famed marble quarry about 50 miles north of Milan, Italy. Now, with the investigation finally complete, Italian paleontologists say the fossils discovered in 1996 by an amateur fossilist, Angelo Zanella, are from a new species of dinosaur with four-fingered hands that offer clues to how modern bird wings evolved.