Climate change killing tufted puffins, researchers say

Tufted puffins, those adorable black and white birds with big orange beaks, experienced an unusual die-off in the Bering Sea in late 2016 through early 2017. Massive mortality events like this seem to be increasing, likely because of climate change, according to a new study running in PLOS ONE.

Inside Blue Zoo Spokane

Blue Zoo Spokane is an interactive aquarium that will be opening this summer in NorthTown Mall. Here is an inside look!

Thousands knit nests for rescued birds

Spring is the busiest time of year at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail, North Carolina. With warmer weather comes a new crop of baby birds, and, unfortunately, a new crop of everyday disasters for them to weather.

US skyscrapers kill 600 million birds every year

Around 600 million birds die every year in the United States after striking tall buildings -- with Chicago, Houston and Dallas being especially deadly, according to research from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.